Having fun with casual encounters

What do casual encounters mean to you? I know for me it means running into a nice piece of pussy to unload some cum in. When you settle down into a routine your sex life can become a bit stale. I know all of this too well ever since I got married. Sure in the beginning it was excellent having a nice and wet piece of pussy just waiting for me to wake up and fuck it, however over the years that same piece of ass becomes mundane. Every man needs some excitement in his life and sorry to say the wife just was not doing the job for me anymore. She even stopped flirting or wanting to have sex after a while and as a man you know exactly how bad that can feel.

So after the years rolled by I felt as if I had a massive load of cum that needed a touch other than by my hand. One morning when I was lying in bed with a raging hard on and no help from my wife I decided to change my life from a boring sequence of events into an exciting random string of events. How was I going to make such a drastic change? I have heard about casual encounters from a few of my extroverted friends and even read about it online. While it did seem exciting I had to of course keep it away from my wife or I would be facing all hell breaking lose on me. So I started searching online for different bitches who might want to hook up for a casual encounter.

To my surprise I found a lot of pretty girls who also had a boyfriend or husband that just was not satisfying them between the sheets. I will never forget the first girl I met online and hooked up with. She was unique for me because she was black. Never in my life have I fucked a black girl before and just the thought of it made my cock tingle. So we agreed to meet up in a hotel I was paying for. The very moment I pulled into the Motel 6 parking lot I could see her standing there. She was not too tall but her sun kissed complexion was an instant winner for me.

I remember us entering the hotel like yesterday. Initially we hardly never talked to each other which did make the whole process casual for us both. Tossing her cute black ass up on the bed and jamming my stiff white cock in her tight snatch was a thrill for me. Watching as the two skin tones collided together with her moaning on top of the mattress was a real treat. Her pussy was tight, wet, and to my surprise clean shaven. After I was done ravaging her black snatch I stuck my dick deep inside of her mouth and cummed all over her black complexion. My white jizz ran down her lips and she licked them clean making my first casual encounter a real treat!